Joan Triano
Friday, July 18, 2003

Joan Triano

Solid background delivering results and profitability in US and Canadian markets. Lead by example to build collaborative atmosphere. Leverage technology to measure success and create new demand for products and services. MBA in Marketing.

Areas of Expertise

� Marketing Strategy
Successfully developed and implemented marketing strategy at three different companies, using innovative concepts in each case.

� Marketing and Project Management
- Skills include product management, branding, public relations, advertising, identifying target customers and supporting the sales organization.
- Directed and implemented all technology and marketing software projects, produced marketing and technology product introductions.

� Management and Business Development
Restructured partnership agreement, office administration; implemented new business practices, reducing costs by approximately 15%. Increased client base by 33% through aggressive business development campaign.

� Technology and Software
Conceived and introduced proprietary technology tools resulting in increased product specifications. Developed and introduced software and media products ahead of schedule and under budget.

Search Objective
VP or Senior Director Marketing in New Jersey or metro NYC. Have extensive experience with clients and sales channel.



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